Angles Stupid Database

About Angle

2009 Version! 

Angle is someone who owns a Stupid Database. This Stupid Database aparently holds infomation about everythng about you and everything that you tell them. They live in the North West of the U.K. Angle ownes an T-Mobile Phone. They uses there T-Moblie Mobile alot to try and hack into other peoples acounts. Angle is now storking people.

Angle has fake E-Mail addresses which are & & . They also use tihs E-Mail address to send radom message to people.


  • Angle is 37 Years Old.
  • Ange is a Female.
  • They have a T-Moblie Phone.
  • They have a Stupid Database.
  • Angles E-Mail Address:
  • Angle likes spying on Jay Smith and Jamie Doran.

    Angle has been put in Jail because of this hacking business! YAY!

    New Information! (July 2012 - March 2018 Versions)

    Angle is currently known as Angle Suekig Chizbale. She is the CEO of the Database. The database is supposedly the database of all databases which sadly isn’t true due to research which has been taken out. The only information the database contains is information that you tell her. When Angle first appeared she had an identity problem with what sex she was. When we first met her she claimed that she was a female but when she joined the Jellyfis Website she became a male. After a while she became a female again. Angle is well-known for hacking people’s accounts and tapering with information for example the public chat on Fun Chat Games as she hacks onto that chat log and deletes any messages she does not wish to be there and also blocks people on it as well. Mainly because they haven’t given her the information that she want or demands.


  • Angles First Profile PictureAngle made her first appeared in early 2009. At this time Angle was only known as Angle Suekig. She started hacking people’s MSN accounts and used the instant chat to talk to people with to try to gain more information, while she would be doing that she would get people’s E-Mail Address of their contact list so that she can E-Mail people for more information.

    She also joined the web site so that she can put pointless messages on people’s profiles and the guest book on there. She also joined other web site so that she could do the same thing on those as well. The was the first web site that she joined out of all the that she joined. She joined as herself bur did not use this very often.

    After this she joined the web site Fun Chat Safe which is now known as Fun Chat Games so that she could use the chat room on there to talk to people and to gain more information about people. On here she joined as herself which made a change for as until this point she normally hacked people’s  accounts. She went on Fun Chat Safe quite a lot as she thought this would be a good place to gain information about people.

    Her I.P. Address shows that she lives in the North West of England, possible in the Manchester area. Her I.P. Address changes regularly but they all appear somewhere in Manchester. Some of her active have appeared on a mobile phone which has been traced to a mobile phone on the T-Mobile network.

    On some occasions she did appear to stork people as well. She claim at this that she was 37 years old. Also to start off with she use to give out FAKE E-Mail Address to people making out that they where her’s but the E-Mail Address did not link to any valid or active E-Mail Account. The FAKE E-Mail Address included:,, but there REAL E-Mail Address at this time was but this E-Mail Address has not been used since 2009 as far as I know so that E-Mail Address was only active for a year. 

    2010 And 2011

    During this time Angle was very quiet and did not come online much. Her activity was low, probably to try to keep a low profile at this time but at the same time make the odd now and then appearance to show that she is still around.

    Her activities only happened on MSN. Once she signed onto the instant chat as herself for a change to chat to people. Another time she hacked a persons MSN account and only spoke by using pictures white you could send each other through the instant chat.


  • Angles Second Profile Picture

    In mid April Angle returned and she 
    started using the public chat on Fun Chat Games under her own account. She gain a twitter account @AngleChizbale and a new E-Mail address She tried to gain more information off people until the beginning of August when she then disappeared again. Angle returned under the name of Angle Chizbale and sometimes used the name Angle Suekig Chizbale.


    During this time Angle started a stupid information system where she would tell you what sort of information you have given her, this included: Information, Invalid Information, Valid Information, Vital Information and Illegal Information. But when you ever ask her for any information or to confirm any information she would just say “That’s Classified Information.”.

    Angle did give out some information but not much, with the information that she did give out we can not confirm that most of the information is true. Here is the information that she did give out:

    • Was born in South Africa
    • Favourite letter are E and L.
    •  Still has a “Stupid” Database
    • Charges people for information off her database.
    • Know a lot about Demons for some one who is not one.
    • Is a female
    • Loves UK nurse’s.
    • Jason (Jay) Antony Smith Stalker.
    • 4324v Experiment – Pretends to be a different person.
    • Brothers twin called Adam. Adam Littlewood.
    • Give’s out misleading information.
    • Hacked Fun Chat Games Website
    • Hacked Public Chat On Fun Chat Games Website.
    • Delete’s Public Chat Messages so it looks like Jay is Chatting to himself and deletes any unwanted messages.
    • Has created a fake MySpace account for Justin Bieber.
    • Admitted to Jay in a Private Chat that she can delete and can ban and unban people from the Public Chat also and log them out.
    • Like romance and horror books. Also likes books about Occuits.
    • Angle’s boss is paying her in Gems and Money.
    • Cannot work out what Job she is really doing out of: Air-Hostess, Deputy Manager At A Hotel, Collects Personal Information For Her Database For The Government. I am the 3rd seat of CEO in the company: Database Services of information in great detail via Databaseing the Network System for database reasons of communication for the future LTD
    • Likes lemons. Likes eating lemons.
    • Likes cakes.
    • Favourite nut is Brazil Nuts.
    • She thinks grapes are sexy.
    • She has had sex with grapes.
    • She also has had sex with a pineapple.
    • She also has had sex with a banana.
    • She wants grape bread.
    • She LOVES Grapes.
    • She thinks Astaroth is good-looking.
    • Has a pet spider.
    • She thinks Nurse Bob is a real person when he isn’t.
    • She calls Nurse Bob – Sir/e Nurse Bob.
    • Needs loads of Clingfilm and Corn-Something to cover her house.
    • Has a robot.


    At the beginning of the year Angle sent a couple of people some E-Mails to try to gain some information. After this she was spamming Questions and Information on some people’s profile for a sort while. Once this had finished happening no one has heard anything from Angle since so far.

     In July Angle returned and she was hacking people's Facebook acounts. She has been talking about her grapes. Then Angle started to get medical problems and when she went into Hospital with her problem she was banned from pineapple for a while, also she is now pertinently banned from grapes. Angle started to get withdrawal symptoms from her grapes and started asking a cartoon nurse to get prescribe her some grapes but they didn't. Angle was then admitted to hospital due to her metal health issues with grapes and thinking that her body is falling apart when it isn't. Angle is still currently in hospital. She stayed it hospital for a week before she was discharged and got a plain back to the U.K!

    From August till now Angle has been following people, hacking mobile phones and send text messages from them and spamming people’s accounts with random and pointless questions and information.

    In our research on Angle we have found out some new information on Angle. She is married to someone called Eric Clapton Chizbale. Here current profile picture is a real picture of Angle but taken a few years ago. Angle’s real hair colour is ginger. Her real name is Joanna Eccleston! She is also a Black Witch and thinks white witches are evil. Her full fake name is Angle Suekig Louise Chizbale.

    Current Contact Details for Angle:


    Twitter: @AngleChizbale

    Facebook: Angle.Chizbale AngleChizbale

    Fun Chat Games: AngleChizbale

     2014 – Present (March 2018)

    In between going in and out of jail, Angle has been sending Jay and Jennie stupid question and information on and on a few occasions she has been spying on Jay and Jennie. 

    Her mum is called Julie. Has a sister called Jensinka. She also has a brother.